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The Hyppo

Featured Fruit: Guavas

Alyssa BantadComment

If pineapple is known as the “king” of fruits, guava is considered the queen!  

Commonly cultivated and enjoyed in tropical regions, guavas are small and somewhat round shaped fruits. They are fragrant when ripe and contain tiny edible seeds enveloped in a very soft, sweet pulp! Said to taste like a combination of a pear and a strawberry, guavas act as excellent thirst quenchers. 


They are also a powerhouse of nutrients containing high levels of Vitamin A and four times as much Vitamin C than an orange! Here in Florida guavas are harvested year round allowing for us regularly have flavors such as Guava Hibiscus, Guava Mango, Guava Chili (Spicy!), and Guava Peach!  

Try cutting some up as a snack or tossing it into your salad for a sweet and nutritious addition!