A message to our friends and patrons:

The Hyppo is a brand born and based in St. Augustine, but expanding to serve many other communities in Florida. Many St. Augustine locals know us for our Cafe on 312 and the service we have provided there since May of 2012, but many people are unaware that our company (founded in 2010 on Hypolita St.) is primarily focused on making gourmet ice pops and selling them throughout Florida in small Hyppo-branded pop shops. With each store we endeavor to provide the highest quality product and experience to our customers while being faithful stewards of our employees and partners. 
The Hyppo Cafe was originally imagined as a shop to serve coffee and pops up front while we made the pops in the back. It evolved to serve different needs and we are so grateful at how the community has supported it over the years. Now as our company grows and we seek to serve more and more communities in Florida (and subsequently create more jobs both in those communities and here in St. Augustine), we have decided to return the Cafe to its roots in an effort to focus our company and help everyone working under the Hyppo banner to feel united under a more common cause. The Hyppo Cafe, along with other sister brands, will align with our company’s focus on pops, ice cream, coffee, and pastry. We believe in St. Augustine and are committed to continue to add in our own small way to industry and jobs in our town, which is why our headquarters and pop production facility are both here. 
As we re-focus the Cafe to be a cozy, comfortable space full of tasty treats and beverages, we hope you’ll grab a good friend or a good book and come join us for a perky morning or a lazy afternoon. New hours will be 8am-8pm, and we plan to have the shop back open by May 29th.
Thanks again to all our friends and patrons in St. Augustine and beyond- y’all are the best. 🍊 Check back for more updates!