Featured Pop: The Phoenix


There are many things that a Hyppo ice pop stands for; fresh fruit, all natural ingredients, the pride of something handmade. Whether it is our take on an established classic (we see you Orange Cream), or something bold (hello Pineapple Cilantro) we always want to push the boundaries of how good, or how exciting an ice pop can be. 

Photo via  Cryptic Wiki

Photo via Cryptic Wiki

Named after the iconic Phoenix bird, our latest creation is a deconstruction of an ice pop that has been built back up again into something completely fresh and new. (Reminiscent of the regeneration of the Phoenix bird itself.) The Phoenix our first three-tiered pop that combines the tartness of raspberry, the pulpy sweetness of mango, and the smooth creaminess of banana coconut thus making this a dairy-free pop!

 It is a wonder to taste and it might be the prettiest ice pop we have ever made! With colors that reflect the beauty of a western desert, it's hard not to feel the glow of an Arizona sunset while all of those flavors put a smile on your face.And there is no wrong way to eat it. 

You can chomp from the top, or take a side bite to get multiple flavors at once! Whichever your preference may be, you can try it out at all flagship Hyppo locations. 

This one is only available for a limited time. So hurry up and get one before this ice pop becomes the stuff of legend!

Alyssa Bantad2 Comments