Featured Fruit: Watermelon


            It's hard to argue with the enjoyment of any fresh fruit during the summer time. From tart citrus to the juiciest peach, we will take them all! But there is one fruit that stands high above the rest. When it comes to warm weather recreation, the watermelon is summer's eternal king. 

            Thirst quenching, subtly sweet, and the perfect compliment to any hot weather soiree; the watermelon is a party in fruit form. And it's a Florida taste almost as old as our hometown of St. Augustine! While our city was established in 1565, it was just a short 11 years later in 1576 when Spanish settlers started growing watermelon in the sunshine state. 

Watermelon .jpg

            Did you now that there are over 1,200 different varieties of watermelon? Florida alone is home to many types of watermelon that vary in size and even color. While they don't come around often, we are quite fond of both the yellow (!) and orange (!) varieties. 

            Two of our most excellent seasonal offerings currently available are the classic Watermelon, pictured in this email, and the Watermelon Hibiscus which balances sweet overtones with the tangy, floral notes that come from a hibiscus tea that we brew in house. Both options are waiting for your indulgence at all flagship Hyppo locations!

Alyssa BantadComment