Featured Fruit: Dragon Fruit

Written by: Ellen Jackson & Alyssa Bantad

While Dragons remain the stuff of myth and folklore, the Dragon Fruit is very real and would surely inspire the bravest of knights to quest for such a vividly colored and natural treasure.  Though its origins remain a mystery, the fruit is commonly found in Asia as well as in Central and South America. It boasts a flavor profile that is like a cross between a pear and a kiwi, while its texture remains light and juicy. 


With its roots in the cacti family, dragon fruit gives off a dramatic impression. This is because at first glance, the exterior shape and texture resembles a dragon egg (hence the name) and is an intense and vibrant pink color. However, when cut in two, the fruit either reveals a black and white polka dot print, with it’s black seeds much like a kiwi, or it could contain a brighter fuchsia interior that may or may not stain your hands. No need to fret though! A little soap and warm water will do the trick to remove the color. 

Dragon fruit is used for food and medicine. Other than being refreshing and delicious, this fruit is a wonderful source of vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus. In our journey to create inspired and unique pairings, we have combined an Eastern sensibility with a tropical influence. At the Hyppo, we use dragon fruits in some of our most unique pops! Two of our favorites are the Ginger Dragon and the Coconut Dragon Fruit Lime.

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