Featured Fruit: Tangerine


The secret history of the tangerine name is that it was initially applied to any mandarin variety that was shipped out of Tangier in Morocco. That is a wonderfully exotic origin for a citrus fruit so closely identified with Florida produce. So identifiable to our home state is this type of orange that the first tangerines in North America were cultivated in our own backyard of Palatka, FL in the 1800s. All the way from the Straight of Gibraltar did the tangerines journey to grow and thrive by the St. Johns River. It's a romantic notion to think about a fruit traveling so far to change so much in one state. 


In tribute to this magical mandarin comes our Tangerine ice pop. It is a subtle marvel of sweetness and citrus tartness. Not overpowering in either way, but terrifically balanced to create a bit of Florida sunshine whatever the weather may be. Even the color of this pop glows with an inviting warmth.

Now available in all flagship Hyppo locations, this is a smaller batch pop only available seasonally. If you find yourself craving something spectacular and citrus, this is the ice pop for you! 

Alyssa BantadComment